Ahhhhh! Finally a new site!

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Well this is way over due but we have finally gotten a new site!  It is now hosted on the servers at North Point and is a lot easier for us to manage.  We are still working on getting it updated but thank for your patience!  I really hope this is a site you visit often as a volunteer and keep in touch with what is going on in BBCC Production.  Enjoy!


Video Resources

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Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would throw some resources your way of ways to see how others are using live video in their environment.  Palladia is an HD channel that is accessible through Dish Network as well as Comcast.  This channel is all music all the time.  Great reference for camera shots, angles, moves, and other techniques.  I watch this kind of stuff all the time to get ideas on how to shoot our worship as well as new directing techniques.  Check out the website and see where this channel is and whats coming on.


This website has tons of live concerts.  Although I dont like much of the music, I can appreciate the techniques used to achieve the final goal.  Haven’t searched this entire site so dont hold it against me if there is questionable content.  Check it out and maybe we can add some fresh stuff to our Sunday morning worship.


Yall Rock!



Going Live

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Hey Everyone,

There have been some massive changes in the way that we do things when it comes to video and how we are presenting our messages across all campuses and we realized that you guys and gals may want to know how everything functions.  It a pretty complex process so I will try not to overcomplicate it.

We used to play the message from a computer in the control room using a program called Pro Video Sync controlled by a playback operator.  We now have video servers called Omneon that has a standard def (side screens) and a new high def (center screen) compression called JPEG 2000 that is better quality than ever before.  

Generally we are about 4 minutes or so behind whoever is hosting Andy live that morning so that there is time for margin.  We have the ability to go completely live with less than a second delay and may utilize that in the future.  We also have communication with the other 2 campuses via our clearcomm system.  It was a pretty big deal the first time we talked with North Point on coms and could see their entire stage on our big high def screen, pretty cool moment.  

The technical side consists of the Tech Director telling the Omneon when to record and when to playback.  You could look at it like a glorified Tivo.  We start recording, and a few minutes later we begin playing.  The scary part is that we are doing what you will hear called “Loading Live”.  That means that we are playing a video that is obviously not complete yet.  We are playing the message while it is still going on…again kinda like pausing American Idol for a few minutes while fixing some ice cream and then playing it while it has been going on live for a few minutes before.

Anyway, there is a lot of new equipment and new names and terminology that comes with it.  So if you hear us calling for something that is unfamiliar, please dont hesitate to ask what it is.

I hope I got all of the technical things accurate so as not to confuse anybody any more.  

As we add new systems we will try harder to keep you updated on the changes so everyone is in the loop.

Thanks for all you do.


Day at the Lake!

Posted in Volunteerism on August 17, 2008 by Chris

What a great time!  Special thanks to Deven and his family for hosting this event at their beautiful home!

Here are only a few pics from today!  It was so great to hang out with all of you and just have some fun!

Drive Conference

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Updates have been few and far between, but don’t you worry, we haven’t been slacking around here! We are gearing up for Drive Conference (the North Point conference for church leaders) Monday through Wednesday, so things are a bit crazy. It’s cool to be apart of showing other churches what we do and empowering them to reach people rather than just keep people. Look for some pretty cool updates from this week in the life of BBCC. 


Final set pics

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It’s the same background as a couple of weeks ago but we got the light grid redone this time. It is really nice having a lot of moving lights but when you are re-hanging, re-cabling, re-programing all of them, it can take some time. Thankfully with this set up, we just dropped the whole thing with our new chain motors and did it all from the ground. I would say it saved us several days worth of work. It would have been practically impossible to do this portion of the set without the motors.

Hope you enjoy this set for a while…..it’s the one we’ve got ’till mid June! Thanks Tyler for taking some killer shots. You can see more of them at his blog Here.

A New Week and A New Set!

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First I want to brag on my team. Benjamin James (BJ), Ryan Shove, Brian Merritt and Matt Guice put in some crazy hours last week to make it happen! I’m so proud at how they handled all the work. These guys continue to make it a blast to come to work and accomplish such awesome things. Just to put it into a little perspective here are some rough specs from the set.

1200+ screws
1000 linear feet of PVC
700+ feet of painted 2×4

Let’s just say we wore out some iTunes playlists late into the evenings!

Special thanks to the other folks on SPD staff who helped as well. Tyler, Elliott and Jamie gave us a hand when they could. They also provided comic relief (i know you’re not surprised).

And, another HUGE thanks to Mickey Hamilton! First of all, this guy is a stud! You may know him as a humble helpful lighting or backstage volunteer, but we know him as an amazing servant leader. The columns in this set were provided by Mickey and some of his friends. They custom welded and shaped the aluminum and did it to perfection! What a blessing to work with such amazing volunteers. You guys just never cease to amaze!

Enjoy the pics! BJ explains on more of the logistics at his blog here: Support Creativity